Raising up generations of young people in the Truth can change the world. For 75 years, the Lord has been at work in amazing ways using Woodcrest Christian to build His kingdom. From 44 years of alumni living out their faith and sharing the Gospel, to faithful staff dedicated to preparing the next generation, the Lord has always had a plan for His school. What a privilege that we get to be part of that plan. The Lord is raising up Royals, and the world needs more of them!

A Look Back


The Next 75


As we celebrate 75 years of Woodcrest Christian, we invite you to take a step into the past with us to remember the moments that shaped our culture and community as an institution. The roots of our history run deep in the staff/teachers, generations of families, and students. Our story is truly one that God orchestrated from the beginning and continues to bless.

  • The Beginning

    The Beginning

    In the summer of 1948, Mrs. Matilda Randall felt the need for a day school in the Riverside area which would emphasize Christian principles. She dreamed boys and girls would learn to be leaders of tomorrow, according to the principles of life as taught in God’s Word, the Bible.

  • Doors Open

    Doors Open

    Weeks of conferences, counseling and prayer preceded the announcement of the opening date of Riverside Christian Day School in September of 1948 with a small class of seven students, one of which included Mrs. Randall’s grandson, Tony (pictured). 

  • Sunnyside Drive

    Sunnyside Drive

    By the end of the first school year, the original seven students had increased to 28. Outgrowing the first site, a small house on 10th street in downtown Riverside, the school moved to a ceramic studio on Sunnyside Drive.

  • Rounding a Corner

    Rounding a Corner

    Teachers, parents and friends help modify a new location on Sunnyside Drive to accommodate 161 Kindergarten through 8th grade students. The first school bus is purchased to relieve Mrs. Donat, the principal, from making two daily round trips in her own car to pick up and drop off some of..Read More

  • A New Location

    A New Location

    Funding for the purchase of a permanent location on Arlington Ave. come from a mortgage that a school Board member took out on his own home and from the sale of a crop of barley grown on the campus.

  • Continued Growth

    Continued Growth

    By this time enrollment had gone up significantly and there was insufficient space to house the 4th-6th grades and newly added 7th-8th grades. Several crowded classrooms were accommodated by portable partitions in the newly constructed auditorium of Magnolia Baptist Church.

  • Classes Begin

    Classes Begin

    Students are excited to begin school and eagerly meet in the breezeway, the church next door, and even in a school bus until classrooms are completed in the fall of 1956. 

  • Student Body Multiplies

    Student Body Multiplies

    Enrollment at Riverside Christian Day School advances to over 300 students by 1960.

  • Mrs. Donat Retires

    Mrs. Donat Retires

    Mrs. Donat served as the school’s principal for 12 years until she retired due to illness.  The humble, God-fearing woman, adored by all, watched the school climb from 28 students to 341 at her departure.

  • Rotunda Finished

    Rotunda Finished

    Construction on the Riverside Christian Day School rotunda building is completed. Many school programs, plays, and concerts would take place here for years to come, in addition to the daily lunch activities for the students.

  • First Administrator

    First Administrator

    Mr. Lynn Lamy, a Riverside police officer, volunteered countless hours and served on the school’s board of directors. He becomes the first administrator and is instrumental in growing the school for the next 22 years.

  • Christ-Centered Academics

    Christ-Centered Academics

    Lynn Lamy, the first school administrator, is hired on and solidifies the importance of integrating the Bible into all class subjects and coins the term “Christ-centered Academics.” He envisioned the campus for the upper grades and set out to make it happen.

  • Land Purchased

    Land Purchased

    A twenty-acre poultry farm is purchased for the new 7th-12th grade campus in rural Woodcrest, California.

  • New Classrooms

    New Classrooms

    In the summer of 1973 the school constructed a six classroom wing on the property which accommodated 51 students in grades 7-8th. This was Phase I of the Secondary Division campus which the Board named Woodcrest Christian School. In the following two years the grade levels expanded through 10th grade.

  • Phase II Construction

    Phase II Construction

    In 1976 a four classroom complex (for expansion of senior high school grades) and an administration/multi purpose building were constructed on the upper campus to complete Construction Phase II.

  • Filed as Corporation

    Filed as Corporation

    Harold McKinney and Charles L. Phillips, Jr. sign on as President and Secretary of the corporation and receive a Certificate of Amendment of Articles of Incorporation for Riverside Christian Day School. Papers were filed under the Secretary of State department.

  • First Graduating Class

    First Graduating Class

    The first ever class of seniors, nicknamed ‘The Magnificent Seven,’ graduated in the spring of 1978 and received their diplomas.

  • Steady Growth

    Steady Growth

    Construction and enrollment boom through the 80’s and 90’s as staff, families, and friends of WCS continue to give and support the school.

  • Charles O. White Pavilion

    Charles O. White Pavilion

    Mr. Chuck White sent his children to WCS, and was so impacted that he committed his life to Christ. He served on the school board for 20 years, was superintendent, and coached baseball. He spearheaded the building of the gym/pavilion. After many pauses due to financial difficulties, the gym was..Read More

  • ACSI Accreditation

    ACSI Accreditation

    The decade ended with enrollment at an all-time high of almost 950, but the crowning achievement came with the first-ever ACSI accreditation for the School System. This added yet another reason to praise the Lord as Woodcrest Christian celebrated the 50th year for RCDS and 25th for WCS. 

  • Campus Expansion

    Campus Expansion

    The school embarks on “Building Upon the Rock,” the largest expansion effort since purchasing the property. Ten classrooms, baseball and soccer stadiums, five buildings, and a lunch shelter are added on the Woodcrest Christian campus.

  • New Technology

    New Technology

    A ten year technology upgrade begins at both campuses.

  • The Recession

    The Recession

    While this year saw the largest high school graduating class in school history, it also saw the impact of a nationwide recession reducing enrollment to near 900 over the next few years and requiring a $1 million dollar reduction in the annual operating budget.

  • RCDS Becomes WCDS

    RCDS Becomes WCDS

    Riverside Christian Day School officially becomes Woodcrest Christian Day School, and three new modular classrooms are added on the campus.

  • COVID-19 Pandemic

    COVID-19 Pandemic

    Although strictly adhering to the CDC guidelines, Woodcrest Christian was able to stay open amidst many schools both public and private closing. God was faithful to our school and in the middle of difficult times the Woodcrest Christian attendance hit record highs.


There have been many changes in technology, campus development, student enrollment, and curriculum expansion over the years. While many things have changed, some things have remained unchanging. The Christ-centered mission of Woodcrest Christian has not changed. Staff and teachers continue to produce world ready Royals, teach the Word through the scriptures, encourage school spirit, and provide a safe place to students to learn and play.


Many men and women have been instrumental in forming Royals for the last 75 years. These leaders brought vision, sacrifice, and conviction in finding ways to love and form students. Read more about their individual callings to ministry.

Matilda Randall

Lynn Lamy

Randy Thompson

Charles O. White

Frances Pentz

Houston Morrison


We cannot celebrate without the Royals who have lived the stories making up 75 years of Christ-centered academics. Join us in a series of celebrations on campus with the Woodcrest Christian family.
At 00:00
Back to School Birthday Bash and Color Dash

In honor of the 75th anniversary, we are kicking off the year with a birthday party! This event will celebrate the Woodcrest Christian community across all three campuses. Sign-up now and come enjoy birthday cake, games/music, and a color run!

At 00:00
WCSS 75th Anniversary Jubilee Celebration

Plan to join the family reunion of alumni, staff, and current families to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Woodcrest Christian! We hope you will join us as we look back on all that God has done in and through our school in the last 75 years and see what lies ahead as we continue the

At 00:00
75th Homecoming!

Join us in welcoming our alumni back and cheering on our sports teams in their homecoming games, celebrating all weekend long!

At 00:00
4th Annual Royals Legacy Gala

In our 75 years of ministry to the Inland Empire, it is apparent that students need consistent teaching of the Truth, and the world needs more young people ready to stand up for that Truth. As more families seek a Christ-centered education, financial aid becomes even more important.


Abraham Lincoln once stated, “Freedom is a fragile thing and it’s never more than one generation away from extinction.” So it can be said of change…it is only one generation away. As our culture continues to draw our youth away from Scripture, the need for students to have the seeds of Truth planted in their hearts and minds has never been more urgent. The changes we see in the world today can be impacted for Christ by the students, families, and people in our community who are forever changed by the Gospel. We believe the Lord is preparing Woodcrest Christian for the next 75 years. It is with this conviction that we anticipate the future and embrace the people He has chosen to be part of His great plan. It only takes one generation…and the world needs more Royals!



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