Matilda Randall

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The Woman with Whom it All Began

On the outskirts of Riverside, there lived, worked, and prayed a busy Christian grandmother, Mrs. Matilda Randall. Although her living room shelves were filled with many fine books for reading and study and oils for painting still-life, she was drawn to the outdoors. She milked the goats, chopped the wood, hammered her fences, and tended the irrigation of her extensive fruit orchard, until her face grew tan and her hands strong.

Building the Foundations of Woodcrest Christian

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Houston Morrison


Lynn Lamy

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Institutionalized Christ-centered Academics

The heart of Woodcrest Christian School is found in its mission, and commitment to Christ-centered academics. Where did this idea come from, and what does it mean? We asked Lynn Lamy, the first administrator within the Woodcrest Christian School System, at the time existing as Riverside Christian Day School, to share his thoughts and experiences in the early days of WCSS.

Principal Devoted to Scripture

As a soon to be college graduate often does, young Randy Thompson spent a lot of time wondering and praying what the future would hold. He says, “I told God, here are my preconceived notions” lining out the career options he had and wanted to choose from. Randy laughs, “He didn’t cooperate, so I finally threw that list in the trash (literally) and I said ‘God, I don’t know what you want me to do for the rest of my life, but what do you want me to do this fall?’”

Randy Thompson

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Frances Pentz

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Generational Impact

The Pentz family has been a part of the Woodcrest Christian School System for five generations, beginning with June Hopkins, Frances Pentz mother who was an elementary teacher at the school in 1948…

Board Member, Administrator, Influenced the Heart of Woodcrest Christian

Charles O. White was a father, grandfather, leader, coach, teacher, and follower of Christ. He influenced Woodcrest Christian School in a way that is hard to put into words, and more stories of people he impacted continue to unfold even after his passing.

Charles O. White


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