Woodcrest Christian 75 Year Jubilee
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At Our Elementary Campus | 9am-11am
Woodcrest Christian Day School
3612 Arlington Ave, Riverside, CA 92506

Reminisce at Woodcrest Christian Day School. Classrooms will be open and self-guided tours are available to step back in time and “walk the halls” of elementary school life. There is a 75th dedication ceremony at 9:30am, a prayer walk, and WCDS historical paraphernalia on display.

At Our Upper Campus | 2pm-6pm
Woodcrest Christian High School
18401 Van Buren blvd. Riverside, CA

Stop by any time between 2-6pm. Visit with past staff, teachers, and fellow alumni. Check out the historical timeline display, follow the new prayer walk, enjoy tacos and more in the food court, and see what has changed on campus.

An RSVP is not required, but we’d love to know if you’re planning to come!

Schedule of Events

Upper Campus | 2pm-6pm

Commemorate the Past

See Past Staff

Visit past staff and teachers including Mrs. Figueroa, Coach Ricards, Miss Leach, Mr. Doerksen, Mr. Peters and more, many of whom are flying in from all over the U.S. for this event!

Teacher Schedule: See the timeline of when past staff will be at the event

Country Fair

In the 1950’s and 60’s, our school used to host a Country Fair! We’re bringing it back complete with old-fashioned games, a petting zoo, and more!

Reconnect with Alumni

Alumni! Reconnect with fellow classmates, visit classrooms, and see what has changed on campus.

Live Music

Enjoy live music from The Riverside, the folk music band led by 2009 alumnus, Jake Jeanson!

Stage Schedule: View the schedule of the Main Stage to see when The Riverside performs and all student performances.

Celebrate the Future

The Next 75

Visit our booth displaying future plans, building sketches, and projects for each of our campuses. See what is in store for “The Next 75” years!

Food Court

Plan to stay and eat! Taco truck, pizza truck, hot dog truck, tri-tip truck, nitro ice cream and coffee!

Time Capsule

Go on the new campus prayer walk with stops across campus. Leave a prayer for the school in the time capsule to be buried this year and uncovered at our 100th anniversary.

Student Performances

Enjoy performances on stage from our talented students in Chamber Choir, Royal Sound, WCDS Worship Team, WCDS Band, and a sneak peek of the Spring Play: The Sound of Music. Plus, view student artwork on display in the library at the Royals Art Exhibit.

Stage Schedule: View the schedule of the Main Stage to see when The Riverside performs and all student performances.


Below is a schedule of when past teachers and staff plan to be at the event. You are guaranteed to get a chance to visit and catch up with them! They will be present at the times listed below. Teachers, coaches, and staff will likely be present beyond their time frame, but if their name is listed under a certain time(s), plan on seeing them there and then! This list represents only a few of all the staff that will be present.


  • Charlie Ricards
  • Helen Armstrong
  • Glenn Prater
  • John Smith
  • Faith Figueroa
  • Dave Burdett
  • Ryan Anderson
  • Dave Doerksen
  • Billy York
  • Cheryl Murdaugh
  • Cindy Phillips
  • Tom Peters
  • Cindy Stolfus
  • Laurie Leach
  • Linda Bishop
  • Amanda Diemel
  • Nathan & Lindsay Lambert
  • Lynn Lamy
  • Vickie Large
  • Laird Musich
  • Jani Musich
  • Ben Nunnally
  • Glenn Prater
  • Karen (Hathaway) LeBoube
  • Linda (Artymovicz) Murdaugh
  • Chris Bishop
  • Judy Johnson
  • Steve Kinney


  • Charlie Ricards
  • Randy & Phyllis Thompson
  • Teresa Bickett
  • Vicky Breed
  • Shelly Clayton
  • “Mr. Bob” DeGraaf
  • Mandy Faulkner
  • Candy Fodera
  • Martin Gauss
  • Jeff Grandia
  • Donna Grandia
  • Sallie Gude
  • Loretta Hall
  • Jan Klock
  • Erin Mares
  • Linda Musser
  • Beth Pounders
  • Virginia Smith
  • Rhonda Thomale
  • Billy York
  • Donna Hobbs


  • Mindy Orr
  • Charlie Ricards
  • Dave & Norma Contreras
  • Wendy England
  • Ronda Gilbert
  • Shane Ludwig
  • Billy York
  • Libby Boykin
  • Andy Pool
  • Scott Reynolds
  • Jim & Julie Sullivan
  • Kathy Ayotte
  • Ronnie Woolls
  • Licia Weaver


  • Carolyn Frost
  • Charlie Ricards
  • Billy York
  • Kim Swoboda
  • Andrew Bishop
  • Renae Gansereit
  • Eric Reynolds


Enjoy a variety of musical performances including The Riverside band, WCDS Band, Royal Sound, WCDS Worship Team, Chamber Choir, and a sneak peek of the Spring Play from the Drama Department for The Sound of Music.

2:00pm – 75th Anniversary Dedication Ceremony 

2:15pm – Royal Sound

2:30pm – WCDS Beginning Band and Advanced Band

2:45pm – The Riverside

3:45pm – Musical Interlude

4:15pm – WCDS Worship Team

4:30pm – High School Chapel Band

4:45pm – Drama Department: The Sound of Music Sneak Peek

5:00pm – Chamber Choir

5:15pm – The Riverside

Elementary School

Woodcrest Christian Day School
3612 Arlington Ave
Riverside, CA 92506

(951) 686-1818

Office Hours:
M-F: 7:45am - 3:45pm

Middle & High School

Woodcrest Christian School
18401 Van Buren Blvd
Riverside, CA 92508

(951) 780-2010

Office Hours:
M-F: 8:00am - 3:30pm

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